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The benefits of having an independent auto insurance agents

Why would you call Geico or Progressive and just get one quote? If you call independent auto insurance agenst, he or she can not only quote your auto insurance with Progressive, but also many other auto insurance companies. Therefore, you not only save time, but also you are going to save money because independent auto insurance agents will quote you with multiple companies, not just one. Furthermore, when your policy comes up for renewal and you are with a captive agency or company, you are stuck with the same rate. However, if you are with our independent auto insurance agents, the independent agent can and should quote your renewal with all their companies again to see if there is a better rate available for their car insurance client.

Should I work with captive or independent auto insurance agents?

Captive agencies are State Farm, AllState, and Nationwide. The reason they are called captive agencies is because they are only allowed to sell products for one company. Once a captive agent writes your policy, they will never try to get you a better rate because they do not have access to any other company than the one they wrote you with.

With the current poor economy, saving money is on every one’s mind. If you have your auto insurance with a captive agency, you most likely are not getting the best rate available on the market. To find the best auto insurance rate fast, you should always call independent auto insurance agents! They will get the basic information needed for a car insurance quote, quote you with all their companies, and call you back within five to ten minutes with the best rate. It would take you hours of work to get all the quotes that an independent agent will provide you in minutes. Therefore, if you want to save time and money, you should always work with independent auto insurance agents.

Why buy from independent auto insurance agents?

  • Independent auto insurance agents offer knowledgeable advice and guidance for all your auto insurance needs.

  • Independent auto insurance agents customize auto insurance policies to suit your specific needs.

  • Independent auto insurance agents prepare competitive quotes from several competing auto insurance companies, so you can compare prices and coverage options, and then choose the combination best suited for your insurance needs.
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